Cangzhou Ocean Carton Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd

Our company has 30 years’experience in carton machinery manufacturing .At the beginning, we had only a small workshop .In the following years, our company grew fast and became famous in the industry. Now we are a professional producer with 100 peoples and also we have our own research and development team.Our market is already traded globally.

Hot Products

    • Carton Flexo Printing Machine

      Carton Flexo Printing Machine

      ★ Removable unit, up adsorption, cardboard down printing type.
      ★ Can be directly connected to the corrugated board production line, save the process of paperboard face down to need to turn over to printing.
      ★ Can be directly connected to flat creasing die cutting...

    • Corrugated Printing Slotter Machine

      Corrugated Printing Slotter Machine

      1.The machine adopt computer control, automatic, adjustment, can store with 999 orders of carton, quickly change the carton size, simple and save time for adjustment.
      2. Lead edge feeding unit adopt servo motor drive, adjustable air volume, never damage the strength of the cardboard.

    • Corrugated Printing Die Cutting Machine

      Corrugated Printing Die Cutting Machine

      ★ Entire gears are imported special materials making, high-precision grinding, smoothly and long time life service, Advanced Pump Circulation Spray Gears lubrication system.
      ★ Whole Machine use Expansion Sets Tight Links to Reduce Abrasion and Make Sure Precise and service life.