Cangzhou Ocean Most Popular Gluing Stacking Machine In Line

accurate counting,accurate air feeding, the beater makes the carton shape bundle out the pile accurately and neatly seacond correction ,completely eliminate the scissors serial port
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Cangzhou Ocean Most Popular gluing stacking machine in line


  1. Characteristics:

1.Driving by V-ribbed belt,ensure smooth and accurate running.
2.Inverter driving,stable and power saving.
3.Use electric adjust,easy operate.
4.Automatic continuous feeding,use multiple belt with vibrating motor ,to keep the feeding stable.

feeder unit

1.Adjustable electronic pile vibrator.
2.Feeder section equipped with three pieces feeding knife, adjust the asymmetrical lengths as per the box sample.

folding unit

1.Smooth and accurate folding of 2nd and 4th creases.
2.Outer folding belts adjustable up to 180º 
3.The carrier control by motor

stacking unit

penumatically control the carton before and after nailing to eilminate the scissors

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1. Many years professional experience in designing and manufacturing.

2. Design and customize according to customers' requirements.

3. High levels of performance,quality and reliability of all equipment and service.

4. The most reasonable price and best quality performance

5. Promptness in both equipment delivery and technical guide and pre-sale and after-sale service.

Model DH-2600 DH-2800
 Max. cardboard 1200*2400mm 1200*2600mm
 Min. cardboard 300*800mm 300*800mm
 Overall dimensions 12800*3050*2250mm 12800*3250*2250mm
 Power Required 11KW 12KW



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the carton forming speed is fast so that it can take less time on little thingsgood size can be controlled greatly,and decrease much waste


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