Export Standard Gluing Stacking Machine In Line

Average sticking speed is 150m/min , max speed is 220m/min High efficiency , save energy , enviromental is out pursuit Automatically finish the top folding and middle folding, meanwhile finish the glue belt glue of the upper and down part, save labor and time, suitable range is wide, can be used in different size of carton, convenient to adjust
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Export standard gluing stacking machine in line


1.Automatic counting and kicking,quantity can preset.
2.Conveyer pressure adjustable according to the box to ensure best quality.
3.The machine is configured with remote control,Remote troubleshooting, update the program。

secondary indentational

the carton  identation paper is fixed for the second time to make the origami position more accurate ,so that the carton is vot brokenand the crease is beautiful,

secondary rectification part

completely eliminate the size of the mouth ,the pass rate is higher


stacking output unit

adopt digtial control,easy operate,reliable movement,can input the data without stopping the machine


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our companys productors are desiged and manufactureed according to European standards, the equippment is exported to more than 60 countries,and more than 20 provinces in china,many places have sales offficeand after-sales outlets to provide customer with  guarantee services.

Model DH-2600 DH-2800
 Max. cardboard 1200*2400mm 1200*2600mm
 Min. cardboard 300*800mm 300*800mm
 Overall dimensions 12800*3050*2250mm 12800*3250*2250mm
 Power Required 11KW 12KW



Use electric adjust,easy operate.Inverter driving,stable and power saving.Driving by V-ribbed belt,ensure smooth and accurate running.


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