3 color printing slotting die-cutter machine for corrugated carton box making machine

- Apr 07, 2021-

3 color printing slotting die-cutter machine for corrugated carton box making machine



The preparation of a printing press before starting up.

1.Before starting the machine should first check the machine, 


in the operation of a long time not open the machine or other people's 

machine, should pay attention to this point. The main place to check is 

the joint between the drum and the drum, the drum gap, etc., if there is 

debris should be removed in time.

2, boot operation.

Before starting the machine should first ring the bell, so that people around the machine extraction ready. If the personnel are more, the bell time should be longer, in order to ensure safety, but also should be observed around. Before pressing the operation switch, the other hand should be placed on the emergency stop switch. If there is any abnormality, the emergency stop should be made (this judgment is usually based on the sound of the machine).

3, on the water, ink.

On the water, on the amount of ink according to the specific printing, generally should make the amount of water and ink than the actual need to be slightly larger (through experience estimate, can also be given through approximate calculation of the amount required). Be careful not to pour the water on the outside of the water tank or bucket, so as not to drop on the machine and cause rust on the surface of the machine parts. Ink should be as far as possible on the ink on the bottom between the ink blade and the ink roller, should not make the whole ink is everywhere. Water and ink should be used when parking. If it is the boot of the operation must pay attention to safety. In addition, the ink skin and impurities in the ink barrel should be removed.

4.On the plate, on the blanket.

The blanket should generally be installed in advance. Rubber blanket installation is appropriate, can be judged by listening to its sound by hand. Play the blanket with your fingers in the middle, if the sound is relatively crisp, it indicates that the blanket is tight; The sound was dull, indicating that the blanket was loose. Both sides should be checked carefully.

5.Blend water and ink.

Start the machine, make the water and ink into the water and ink road, and beat well. If the amount of ink on the insufficient, can use the way to make the ink quickly. After all the water and ink are beaten evenly, then the water roller on the plate, so that the plate surface water first, basically uniform (through the surface reflection can be observed on the water condition), and then put down the ink roller on the plate. At this time the ideal condition of the plate surface should be invisible water reflection, but also no paste version phenomenon. If there is water reflection, indicating that the water is large, the amount of water should be reduced; If there is paste version, it indicates that the water is small, should increase the amount of water. In short, water and ink should be in balance.

6, on the line.

At this time the paper should be used to find the rules with the paper, the usual way is to find some white paper in the scrap sheet. Note that the wheel paper should be basically the same as the white paper to be printed (size, quantity, type), until the printing machine aligned. If the rules are not allowed, can be pulled through the version, by the roller, by the rules and other measures to make the rules accurate.

7, overprint precision analysis.

Overprint accuracy is one of the most important evaluation of printing quality Overprint accuracy is affected by machine accuracy, the performance of raw materials, operators and other factors, to achieve the ideal overprint is impossible. Usually to people can accept the accuracy of overprint as the standard, rough live, set of Indian generation some; Ordinary live, medium overprint accuracy; Exquisite products, high overprinting accuracy; Certificate and other products, the highest overprint accuracy. Double-sided overprinting is lower than single-sided overprinting. The overprint accuracy of the whole page is not exactly the same, and some places are high, such as people's eyes; Some places are low, such as background color, etc. Therefore, when looking for rules, we should first ensure that the key parts of the layout are set, and also take into account the secondary parts, of course, if all can be set is the best.

8. Look for ink.

Ink color to be uniform, the usual way to adjust the ink color is to change the amount of ink. The standardized approach is to first of all, according to the sample for the ink on the distribution of adjust the clearance between the ink fountain and the ink fountain roller, make the ink on the image and the ink on the sample distribution, and then increase the ink fountain roller Angle, make the ink layer thickness, reach the requirements of course by two ink can meet the requirements, it is impossible, often on the basis of tinkering.

9. Formal printing.

 the official printing should be proofread first, and the printed proof to the relevant responsible person for review, if agreed, the boot printing. Before printing genuine products, but also put some round paper, the role of these round paper is mainly to beat ink. When entering the authentic printing, samples should be often extracted to observe the balance of water and ink. If there is ink skin, use a scraper to scrape or stop the machine with ancient cloth to remove the ink skin. If found paste version, should increase the amount of water; For flower version, should reduce the amount of water. However, a vicious circle of "bigger water, bigger ink" should be avoided. The paste version is easy to appear in the dark and high parts, and the flower version is easy to appear in the high light parts, but the 50% point is the most sensitive to the paste version and the flower version.

10, with ink.

With ink is a thing that operators often have to do, everyone has their own ink matching technology, but a considerable number of people still rely on experience with ink. Thus the experienced work quickly and well, and the inexperienced work slowly and badly. So can we find a quick and general ink matching method? The answer is yes, that is to master the design and error operation process with ink. First take a look at the overlay of ink:

11. Dry the paper.

Drying paper is to eliminate the paper deformation caused by water on the paper and reduce the inaccurate overprint caused by the paper. Coated paper generally does not need to air, usually need to air is the following 1009 offset paper. Don't put so much paper in each dozen that the wind won't blow it out. The paper drying machine should be installed in the printing workshop, so that the temperature and humidity of the environment can be basically consistent.

12, fill the ink.

Sometimes there will be some color printing is insufficient, if you do not fill the print, the quality of the print will be affected. This phenomenon should be printed again, that is, to fill in the missing ink. Lack of color, make up a color; Two colors missing, two colors complement. When filling ink, the ink bucket should be readjusted.

13, India on the ground.

It is more difficult to print high quality field on the printing press. The usual practice is to print twice, which can greatly improve the density of field. At this time the field should be separate, if the field and text together, it is not appropriate to do so.