Classification of carton printing presses and their main parameters

- Feb 15, 2019-

Flexo press: Maximum feed size Print repeat length Color registration accuracy Maximum print width Color set Printing speed.
Printing grooving machine: Maximum feeding size Maximum printing area Sheet feeding size Plate thickness Minimum grooving distance Maximum grooving length Mechanical maximum speed Printing board thickness Maximum speed.
Preprinter: Mechanical speed Printing speed Printing width Maximum substrate width Maximum diameter of substrate Maximum width of winding Maximum diameter of winding Repetition length Printing method Printing plate thickness.
Linkage line: Maximum speed Maximum board size Minimum board size Sheet feed size Maximum print area Standard plate thickness Minimum box size Volume Color group.
Printing and opening machine: Maximum speed Maximum paperboard size Minimum paperboard size Minimum slotting gap Maximum groove depth Maximum board thickness Maximum printing area Standard plate thickness Volume Color group.