Code for safe operation of high speed Slitter Scorer Machine

- Dec 24, 2019-

High speed slitter Scorer Machine is a kind of pre press and post press equipment, which cuts a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into small rolls of different width. It is commonly used in paper-making machinery and printing packaging machinery. Before, the speed of magnetic powder clutch of common belt cutter could not be high, because it is easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic powder, produce high temperature, shorten its service life, and it will be stuck when it is serious, which will hinder the operation of the machine and bring serious consequences to the production. Seriously affected the production efficiency. At present, double frequency conversion motor control is used to make the magnetic powder friction at a certain value through frequency conversion motor control when the diameter of the winding material becomes larger. Without high temperature. High speed slitter has a set of safe operation specifications, so how to do it? Let's follow our manufacturer to see the safety operation specifications of the slitter.


1. The input voltage is three live wires and one zero wire. When closing and opening the gate, the handle should be held to avoid electric shock.

2. Check whether the cross screw of the winding shaft is firm with the Allen wrench every day, and tighten it in time if it is loose.

3. Keep the whole machine clean, wipe off the oil stain in time, and clean the plastic strip on the winding.

4. Wear material: the two large rubber shafts on the slitter shall not wear material to avoid scratches.

5. Distinguish the edge selection of the electric eye, manual and automatic. When manual, the reeling shaft can be moved left and right, and when the machine is shut down, it can be turned to manual.

6. When cutting, adjust the left and right devices of discharging with the hand wheel to make the closing contact between the two switches.