corrugated cardboard carton printing slotting machine

- Apr 07, 2021-

corrugated cardboard carton printing slotting machine



Power the machine, the voltmeter works normally and the power indicator light is on. Turn on the self-locking switch of each unit, the corresponding indicator lamp and electronic digital display instrument of each group. Open the air pump to feed the machine and check the working condition of the triplet (oil mist cup needs enough oil). At this time, the lifting plate is automatically raised and the cylinder is locked. Before starting the machine (should rotate the whole machine manually, check whether the whole machine parts rotate flexibly) must first press the bell button, cause the attention of the staff, after the host starts, the governor switch from low speed to high speed adjustment. When you want ink again, open the ink pump switch or diaphragm pump valve. To shut down (temporary shutdown) the ink feeding system If the cycloid switch is set in the automatic position, the cycloid will run automatically. Watermark version only preview, download document HD no watermark, work needs to adjust the main body separation, first stop the host, and then from the front to the back of which group of air locks divided into which group, otherwise other actions are invalid. Which group of locks is best closed. But the host will self-lock after opening. When the printing plate roll and slotting group phase adjustment, which group needs to adjust which group of buttons or use the foot switch. When you select the switch to be in automatic only when the switch is separated, adjust the position without using the foot switch. Convergence and closure of transformer units Time phase will automatically zero. When boot adjustment should be manual, adjust to the corresponding position according to the counter manual zero. Restore the automatic position. enable automatic