Corrugated is have what types and their use?

- Jun 04, 2020-

Corrugated board is mainly divided into several types and their use:

3 5 7 layer corrugated cardboard

1. Three-layer corrugated board;

Also called single corrugated board (commonly used including single A type, single B type, single E type) is mainly used to package the light weight of the inner packaging, its structure is A piece of corrugated paper on both sides of each stick A piece of inner paper combined.

2. Five -layer corrugated board;

Mainly used for a single package of light weight and easy to break the contents;Five-layer corrugated carton is also called double corrugated carton, the structure of five-layer corrugated carton is composed of: surface paper, lining paper, a piece of core paper and two pieces of corrugated paper bonded into, flute combination usually USES AB type, AC type, BC type, AE type, BE type and EE type.There is A special corrugated called AB composite tile, is made of 6 layers of base paper, lantan also belongs to AB type, but A tile is generally combined with two pieces of corrugated paper, the effect is to increase the strength, but the thickness is not as thick as the seven layers, the strength and the seven layers of the same, this kind of box good packaging and can ensure the strength.

3. Seven-layer corrugated board:

The seven-layer corrugated carton consists of the following paperboards: three-layer corrugated box board paper (mainly used for packaging heavy goods, such as motorcycles, fitness equipment, smoke boxes, etc.);

Composition: from the surface paper, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper, paper, from the bond.It is composed of 3 sheets of corrugated, 2 sheets of core paper and inner and outer paper. Corrugated type combination usually adopts BAB, BAA and BAC.