Flat net curved screen printing machine works

- Jul 31, 2019-

Flat screen curved screen printing is a screen printing on a flat or conical surface with a flat screen. Under certain conditions, screens such as elliptical surfaces, drum surfaces, and curved surfaces can also be screen printed. The dry mesh curved screen printing machine is a machine that prints the above curved surface using a flat screen.
The working principle of the flat screen printing machine: a-roller bearing b-shaft will support c-inlaid bearing. During printing, the flat screen plate moves with the substrate while the squeegee is stationary. The flat screen printing plate is clamped on the frame by a flat screen curved screen printing machine with a uniform motion, and the substrate placed on the supporting device rotates due to the friction of the screen. The line speed of the curved substrate at the embossing line coincides with the moving speed of the flat screen printing plate to realize the squeegee printing.