full automatic high speed carton printing machine

- Apr 07, 2021-

full automatic high speed carton printing machine




using process:

1.Safety training shall be given to each operator on the machine. 

The training shall not be less than 40 hours in the machine 

business. Only after the training is approved by the printing 

supervisor can the operator actually operate.

2. Each shift of each printing machine is equipped with a qualified 

captain to produce.

3. After the handover of the printing press each shift, the captain 

or his deputy check the machine before starting it, confirm that 

there is no wrench and other tools and debris on the machine and 

the last shift has cleaned the rear gun, ring the bell before 

operation, and the positive and negative point moving machine 

can be run for more than 2 cycles, no abnormal sound can be 

carried out after low-speed operation test machine.

4.When the machine is running at low speed after the shift, the captain 

should listen carefully to the running condition of the equipment and 

stop the machine immediately if there is abnormal sound.

5. The printing machine should be lubricated regularly according to the operation manual of the corresponding machine type.

6.Check the lubrication system and pneumatic system of the machine at least once per shift. Feedback information to the printing supervisor immediately if any problems are found.

7.Printing machine change work order production corresponding 

adjustment are carried out under the safety condition of the 


8. the machine operation matters needing attention: wipe test UV 

lampshade and lamp tube, check whether the water in the UV cooling 

tower and cooling water tank is in the appropriate position, always pay 

attention to the set water temperature.

9. Printing presses can be printed only in the "basic state".



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