How to determine carton printing requirements and then purchase the machine?

- May 28, 2020-

Carton printing machine configuration is diverse,so need to according to customer requirements, design a variety of configuration scheme.

HUALI auto lead edge feeding  carton 3 color printing slotting die cutting machine,speed 200pcs model

For example: one color, two color ink , three color flexo printing, or even more,this color unit can optional,When you want to consult the price, you must know exactly how many colors you need . and then the selection of die-cutting and slotting functions, you need to see the shape and specification of the processing carton,the standard shape carton use slotting unit,the special shape carton like the pizza box use die cutting unit .

standard shape carton printing slotting sample

special shape carton printing die cutting sample

then you also need to determine the production capacity,The production capacity of chain feeding ink printing presses is low about 60pcs/min, and the lead edge fedding ink printing presses are fast in paper feeding and processing; speed 120 200 pcs/min all have.Determine your own equipment requirements, according to their own requirements to find the matching equipment, and finally ask the price.

2, the price of the tangible and intangible brand after get details of the carton printing machine configuration, do not blindly blindly pursue low price, the price is material, have high low deviation is very big, but we also need to think about is the quality, brand is the invisible things, but the brand carton printing machine is let the customer save worry, the production of equipment material, configuration and after-sales name-brand computer are readily available, if you choose to power small small businesses, malfunction problems will be difficult, we purchase any equipment is a high frequency of use, rather than to do the decoration like the collection, so be sure to consider comprehensive index.