How to use automatic printing slotting die-cutting machine

- Apr 07, 2021-



All printing equipment has a lot of knowledge to understand, below we understand the basic status of printing machine operation process, do not talk about ink and printing plate printing materials.


Each computer operator carries on the safety training, in the machine business training must not be less than 40 hours, after the training the printing supervisor approval can actually operate.

Each shift of each printing press is equipped with a qualified captain to produce.

After each shift of the printing press, the captain or deputy checks the machine before turning on the machine to make sure that there are no tools such as wrenches on the machine and that the last shift has cleaned the rear gun.DSC_0186

After the shift, the machine runs at low speed, the captain must listen carefully to the operation of the equipment, abnormal sound must be stopped immediately.

The printing press regularly lubricates the machine according to the operation manual of the corresponding type.

Check the lubrication system and pneumatic system of the machine not less than once per shift, feedback the information to the printing supervisor immediately.


UV machine operation matters needing attention: wipe test UV lampshade and lamp tube, check whether the water surface in the cooling water tower and cooling water tank is in the appropriate position, always pay attention to the set water temperature.

Printing machines are produced only if they meet the "basic state" requirements.