How to use ink printing machine (water-based printing machine)

- Jun 19, 2020-

How to use ink printers (water-based printers) correctly, effectively and safely


If the water-based printing machine (water-based printing machine) is improperly operated, many problems will occur, and serious problems may lead to safety accidents. This requires us to be careful when operating. Next, I will explain to you in detail how to use a water-based printing machine (water-based printing slotting machine) in carton machinery.

1. The starter must be neatly dressed and maintain a good attitude. Do not operate under drunkenness, fatigue or illness.

2. Check other items in the equipment and on the workbench.

3. Check whether the power supply and other equipment are correct.

4. Check whether the oil level used by the equipment is normal and whether the equipment is leaking oil or gas.

5. Check whether the cutter, crimping wheel, etc. are firm and displaced.

6. Check whether there are other hard objects between the shaft rollers to avoid accidents during the operation.

7. Wipe and check whether the printing plate is damaged.

8. Feed paper after starting to produce one or two cardboards. After passing the inspection, mass production begins.

Nine, in the paper feeding process, the paper feeder should strictly check and control the quality of the cardboard. If bad cardboard is found, such as blistering, bending, condensation, tearing, etc., it needs to be tested for other uses.

10. The starter found printing problems during the operation. If there is a large color difference or no ink phenomenon, loss of graphics or problems with the printing plate, etc., production should be stopped and reported immediately. Solve the problem in time to avoid affecting the subsequent production.

11. All operators must clean and maintain the machine in accordance with (mechanical maintenance system).

This is how I understand how to operate ink and ink printers correctly. Of course, I am more familiar with the friends of the carton factory and hope to share, communicate, develop and advance with them.