make one carton need whats machines

- Jun 18, 2020-

Carton, cardboard machinery common classification knowledge

MORE MACHINEhow to make a box

1. Corrugated production line: Corrugated cardboard production line is referred to as the tile line, which is the key production equipment of corrugated carton production enterprises. Corrugated cardboard production line is the most important production line equipment in carton packaging enterprises, including wet end equipment, cadre equipment, production management system and other important components.

2. Carton printing machine: Carton printing machine is a printing equipment that can print the required characters, patterns and other information on the surface of the carton box. It generally includes plate loading, inking, embossing, paper feeding and other technological processes.Carton printing is generally a single printing, printing with slotting/die-cutting, printing slotting/die-cutting, bonding boxes and linkage production lines.

3. Box nailing machine: The box nailing machine is one of the back processing equipment of the carton. Its principle is the same as that of the ordinary stapler.The products are divided into two series, namely manual and pneumatic sealing machine.This series of products has the advantages of light weight, simple operation, good wear resistance, smooth sealing, safe and firm, and can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, etc., widely used in the sealing of various cartons and calcium plastic boxes that need to load heavier articles or are not easy to be sealed with viscose tape

4, box gluing machine: automatic box gluing machine is from the cardboard feeding, folding, gluing, pressure, shaping, strapping and other processes are all completed by mechanical automatic, its characteristics can make carton enterprises reduce the reliance on a large number of skilled box gluing workers, save the work site, and greatly improve the work efficiency and product quality.At present, Europe and the United States and other developed countries are basically using this mode of production, and China is only used in a few