Printing machine invention and development

- Jun 30, 2019-

In 1439, Gutenberg in Germany produced a wooden letterpress printing machine. Although the vertical spiral type hand printing machine was simple in structure, it was used for 300 years. In 1812, Germany's König made the first. Taiwan round-pressed letterpress printing machine; in 1847, Hoy in the United States invented the rotary printing press; in 1900, made a six-color rotary printing press; in 1904, the American Rubel invented the offset printing press.
Before the 1950s, the traditional letterpress printing process dominated the printing industry, and the development of printing presses was dominated by letterpress printing machines. However, the lead alloy relief printing process has the disadvantages of high labor intensity, long production cycle and environmental pollution. Since the 1960s, lithographic offset printing processes with short cycle times and high productivity have begun to develop and develop. Lead alloy letterpress printing has gradually been replaced by lithographic offset printing. Soft letterpress printing, stencil printing, electrostatic printing, inkjet printing, etc. have also been developed in packaging printing and advertising printing.