Advantages Of The Non-printing Press

- Aug 25, 2019-

1. Suitable for any material, the compatibility surface is extremely wide.

2. No need for plate making, fast printing and low cost. Various output software can be used to support various file formats.

3. With professional color management software, you can change colors anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost.

4. Complete in one step, that is, print and take, to meet the needs of quick release of finished products.

5. The unit price can be printed in large quantities and can be matched with template printing, saving time and effort.

6. Full-color image, once completed, the progressive color fully achieves the photo quality effect, the fixed point is accurate, and the scrap rate is zero.

7. It takes only 30 minutes to master and produce fine products without professional skills.

8. Computer operation, no staff dependence, large upgrade space.