Carton Creasing Die Cutting Machine Paper Feeding Problem

- Dec 04, 2019-

There are many reasons that cause the carton indentation die-cutting machine to feed paper smoothly, mainly due to paper deformation, the surface of printed matter is too smooth or caused by other mechanical failures. Let's introduce it in detail below:

    (1) Difficult paper feeding caused by mechanical failure

    The mechanical reasons such as insufficient suction force of Feida nozzles, improper position from the plane above the paper stack, and inaccurate regular positioning can cause oblique sheeting, double sheeting, and empty sheeting during paper feeding. As long as the maintenance of the die cutting machine and the adjustment of the mechanical parts are usually done, the paper feeding difficulties due to mechanical failures can be avoided.

  (2) The paper feed is not smooth due to the too smooth surface of the printed matter

    Because the surface of the coated product is too smooth, it will also cause some difficulties in paper feeding. For the above two cases, experienced operators will do the preparatory work before loading the paper, for example: when loading paper, add some wooden wedges or paper rolls to the paper to keep the paper flat. This problem can generally be avoided by trimming and knocking paper or reducing the speed of the carton indentation die cutting machine appropriately.

    (3) The paper feed is not smooth due to paper deformation

    Since the die-cutting process of the die-cutting machine is the last process of the entire printing process, the paper is easily deformed after being processed in several processes, especially the high-temperature and high-pressure varnishing. The deformation of the paper after lamination is more serious. At this time, Feida often cannot smoothly feed the paper.