Carton Folder Gluer Machine Method Of Operation

- Jun 05, 2020-

carton folder gluer machine Method of operation

1 The carton sticking machine is a mechanical device used in the carton factory to bond folding carton, which is divided into upper folding type and lower folding type. The box-gluing machine is generally composed of a paper feeding section, a rectifying section, a line shaping section, a glue coating section, a folding section, and a counting discharge section.

2 In a general sense, the box-gluing machine refers to a device in which the entire box-forming process of corrugated cardboard is completed by machinery, and does not include a simple glue application device that is manually folded and corrected.

3 The front end of the box-gluing machine can be connected to the watermark slotting die-cutting machine of the upper or lower printing type, and the back end of the box-gluing machine can be connected to the automatic strapping machine and automatic palletizer.

4. Streamline the production of corrugated cardboard boxes, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

5 Semi-automatic box-gluing machine refers to a mechanical device in which part of the movement of the carton in the process of gluing and synthesizing requires manual participation. The semi-automatic carton sticking machine cannot be connected to the carton production line.

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