European Late Medieval Printing Press Technology!

- Oct 21, 2018-

The rapid economic and socio-cultural development of the late Middle Ages in Europe created favorable intellectual and technical conditions for Gutenberg's improved printing press: the entrepreneurial spirit of emerging capitalism increasingly influences medieval production methods, promotes economic thinking and improves traditional work processes. s efficiency. The sharp rise in middle school medieval learning and literacy rates has led to an increase in the demand for books, and this time-consuming manual copying method is far from being able to adapt.

Press technology that led to the invention of printing presses included: paper manufacturing, ink development, woodblock printing and eyewear distribution. At the same time, many medieval products and technological processes have reached maturity levels, making them useful for printing purposes. Gutenberg accepted these distant clues, combined them into a complete functional system, and improved the printing process at all stages by adding some of his own inventions and innovations.