Problems In The Printing Of Folder Gluer Machine

- Dec 19, 2019-

It is inevitable that there will be no problems in the process of printing. Only in daily life, do a good job in maintenance to improve the performance of the equipment. If there are problems, first find out the reasons and then find the corresponding solutions.

1. The adhesive is not firm. You can check the amount of adhesive. If it's a paper box with UV varnish, you need to install a grinding device on the equipment to roughen the bonding part so that it can be properly glued (there is a special UV oil adhesive on the market in the near future, the user can consider using it).

2. The surface of the printed matter is scratched, which is related to whether the origami is made of iron wire. Especially for small boxes, it is difficult to fold with a belt. The surface is easily scratched by iron wire. For small cartons, such as those used by hotels to put combs, the belt can be used to fold.

3. The paper is not in the right direction, which needs to adjust the placement position of the paper stop gauge and the pressure balance of each part, and can be handled by the experience of the paste box captain.

4. It is easy to form a bell mouth, which is a comprehensive problem, which should be paid attention to from the die-cutting stage. However, if the equipment can carry out a special design in the angle of origami section, such as knife row origami, the problem can be easily solved. Moreover, we lengthened the length from the paper feed section to the origami section in the design, making the paper walking a gradual process, making the box shape more regular Whole.

The above four situations are common problems. The application of the box pasting machine requires mastering skills to avoid equipment failure and ensure printing effect.