Round Knife Die Cutting Machine Function Introduction

- Mar 28, 2019-

(1) Two-speed function: One device can be used as two devices. Each tool holder can realize system switching. Each tool holder can be arbitrarily combined, flexible setting, independent counting, start and stop control, and no influence on each other.

(2) Asynchronous function: It can realize small piece stickers, reduce cost and increase efficiency. The normal die mold virtually sets a certain axis (sliding material) by asynchronously, and makes a small piece composite to a large piece of product, which saves the cost of the die and saves material cost.

(3) The function of cutting (paste) irregular sheets (graphite sheets): the irregular sheets can be cut into regular, unequal-spaced sheets, and the unequal-spaced sheets can be arranged at equal intervals. The sheets are then accurately combined into the product with equally spaced sheets. Suitable for special materials and complex processes.

(4) Multiple sets of asynchronous parameter settings, one to four sets of different hops can be set, powerful and flexible.

(5) Automatic labeling and adjustment function: It can realize automatic adjustment of sleeve cutting size or post-press die cutting, alignment according to set size, precise positioning, high degree of automation and labor saving.

(6) Independent servo control: It can realize separate start and stop, forward and reverse rotation, proportional/synchronization. Set the following speed arbitrarily.

(7) Automatic constant tension control, automatic material cut protection, torque changes with the diameter of the coil, maintaining constant tension.

(8) Automatic correction function: automatic correction of main materials can be realized.

(9) It has a safety protection function to maximize personal safety. High safety factor and easy operation.

(10) In addition to static electricity function: eliminate static and dirty materials and improve die cutting quality.