The Invention Of The Printing Press Is A Great Invention Of Mankind.

- Oct 06, 2018-

In the 16th century, these new skills were constantly expanding and developing. There are at least three obvious and noteworthy effects. (1) The supply of books has greatly increased. In the earlier case, a skilled and hardworking scribe might be able to copy two large books in a year. Now, in the 16th century, a printing house can print 24,000 books of Erasmus. (2) The growth of book supply has increased the demand for books. The price has dropped, making books that have been a dream to many people in the past, and now they can really enjoy it. Corresponding to this is the spread of knowledge and the promotion of education. (3) Due to printing, the accuracy of the book content is guaranteed. (When books are handwritten, it is almost impossible for any part of the two transcripts to be exactly the same. Now, the mistakes in the book are still inevitable, and occasionally there are ridiculous mistakes, but serious mistakes and forgeries are actually eliminated. At least The number of all books in a certain edition is always the same.
The invention of printing is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It was a long-distance expedition in the 15th century, and the classical Renaissance took place in Western Europe at the height of its climax. This invention is a product of the Middle Ages; but its influence is so far-reaching that it can even be said to determine the character and quality of modern civilization more than any other factor.