The Printing Position Caused By Corrugated Cardboard Is Not Allowed

- May 23, 2018-

If the corrugated board has a bad warpage, the corrugated board is prone to slippage during the positioning and feeding process, and may even cause the rules on the machine to not touch the edge of the paper, causing the printing position of the cardboard to be inaccurate or not. stable. Therefore, for the corrugated cardboard of the curved warp, when printing the paper, the relatively flat paper edge should be used as the positioning paper edge. In addition, attention should be paid to the control of the good quality source, through the reasonable mastery of the single-sided machine operation process, so that the speed of the machine and the preheating temperature, the moisture content of the base paper and the preheating area are relatively in a coordinated state. At the same time, when distributing paper, it should be noted that the cardboard paper and corrugated paper with similar water content are matched and synthetic, so that the corrugated cardboard produced is relatively flat, which can effectively ensure the registration of printing.