Typography Spreads In Europe

- Nov 02, 2018-

Printing as a trade spread benefited the help of German workers who helped him in Guttenberg's early printing experiments, and later they became printers and taught printing to others. After Germany, Italy was the next recipient of Gutenberg's invention, and printing was introduced to Italy in 1465. By 1470, Italian printers began to trade in print successfully. In 1470, the German printing house was invited to set up a printing house at the Sorbonne University in Paris, where librarians chose printed books for students, mainly textbooks. By 1476, other German printers moved to Paris and established private companies. In 1473, Spain welcomed the German printing house in Valencia and expanded to Barcelona in 1475. In 1495, Portugal invited printers to come to Lisbon. In 1476, William Caxton, a Britishman who lived in Bruges, Belgium, brought Gutenberg's invention to the UK. In 1471, Caxton went to Cologne to study printing, in order to establish a publishing house in Bruges, and to publish a translation of his own works. After returning to the UK, he set up a publishing house in Westminster Abbey, where he worked as a monarchy until his death in 1491.