Cangzhou Ocean Semi-automatic Paper Feeder Lower Price

Diversified paper placement: according to the size of the paper selection veneer or front tile stacking mode operation. Ergonomic design: staircase height with the best position angle, easy operation and reduce labor force.
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Cangzhou ocean Semi-automatic paper feeder lower price



motor drive

Reducer motor(equipped with independent frequency conversion motor and independent reducer to ensure smooth transmission) electric side baffle and front baffle, pneumatic beat alignment correction, digital adjustment of pneumatic extension of side baffle


Adopt pneumatic paper feeder, can continuously feed paper through electric monitoring eye.

Big cardboard state can be folded over the paper feeding, small cardboard state can be more piles of cardboard lifting, fish scale paper feeding



1 (4)

1 (7)


Maximum feeding sheet size


Min feeding sheet size


Sheet range


Maximum folding roller speed


The biggest height of paper heap


Machine power


Machine net weight


Overall dimension(LxWxH)


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Intelligent paper feeding system: with the printing machine production speed, intelligent adjustment of paper feeding speed, stable light filling paper.Production pre-arrangement list: in the later stage of production of the single, a single cardboard can be put down in advance, with high personnel mobility.


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