Clapboard Automatic Partition Assembler Machine

Comprehensive using of pneumatic and electric control, to ensure the advancement of machine control . Using compressed air storage tanks for gas centralized supply, gas supply pressure stability, enough gas source.The gas devices get the gas from the primary tracheal , independent control, no influence between each other .
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Product Details

clapboard Automatic Partition Assembler Machine


main advantage

1.Vacuum sucker adsorb feed cardboard length ways
2.Pneumatic feed cardboard crosswise,right and fast
3.Electric adjust length ways feeding cardboard device go up and down
4.Electric adjust crosswise feeding cardboard device go up and down



1 (7)

Power supply
380V / 50Hz
3 phases - 4 lines

10 KW
Not including the air compressor
Host belt speed

Clapboard combining form
3 * (1~N)
In double working station
Longitudinal clapboard feeding track number
Horizontal clapboard feeding track number

Clapboard size
Length L=120-450mm
Clapboard thickness 1.5-8mm
Height H=75-200mm

Width W=120-450mm
(double station)
Width W=450-900mm
(single station)
Lattice spacing C=50~150mm

Lattice spacing D=35~150mm

Working speed
30~60 groups / min
Working speed is connected with clapboard size and clapboard combining form .
Machine weight
3000 KG
Overall dimension
Length * Width * Height : 5500mm * 2200mm * 2000mm
Note : when the width of clapboard is greater than 450mm , the machine just can work in single station . Air compressor or air compression station requirement : 6kgf/cm2 . For the special type of clapboard , we can customize the machine as client’s wish .

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This machine is easy to operate, stable running and high production efficiency , used in beverage, wine, fruit, medicine and electronic products etc. clapboard assembler packaging . It is the ideal equipment of each carton industry.This machine has beautiful appearance and compact structure. Adopting electric control switch, pneumatic locking, PLC control and man-machine interface.


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