Import Standard Automatic Paper Feeding Machine

Automatic paper feeding machine design set machine, electricity, gas in one body, generous and firm appearance, easy to operate,It is a continuous paper feeding equipment developed and produced for carton printing with original chain paper feeding in carton factory, and the forming machinery can not be continuously produced in large quantities. Thus changing the manual sheet feeding for continuous feeding, to ensure that the cardboard is straight, not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity of the workers. And reduce the rejection rate.
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Import Standard Automatic paper feeding machine


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Feeding unit
* Conveying belts are made of high quality rubber, big friction, long service life, low noise.
* Dual tension control system, stable and convenient. Cardboard feeding is precise.

Transmission unit
* Transmission shafts are empaistic to increase the friction to ensure feeding smooth and fast.
* Equipped with electromagnetic clutch brake device.
Electric unit
 * Photoelectric signal through the PLC to control the inverter, and then control the motor, ensure speed-adjusting, braking and running stable.

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Available width of machine
1600 ~ 3000mm
Production speed
0-80 sheets/min
Max. sheet size
Min. sheet size

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It can realize the automatic stepping and automatic points without stoppping the machine,The max speed of the machine is 70pcs/min,and the longest length of the paper is 1500mm,


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