High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine Good Price

The improved single knife paper cutter is mainly used to cut the cylinder paper or single side paperboard vertically and horizontally into the required quadrilateral. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment and long service life.
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 High Speed Sheet cutter machine Good Price 


main advantage

the single-layer paper-receiving machine is a equipment which match with the single-knife paper-cutting machine,the single-knife paper-cutting machine cuts the singlr-layer corrugated paper as require aqnd the stacks it by a single-layer paper receiving machine,which reduces a lot of manpower


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beast for board paper art paper kraft paper and packing paper or board etcGEM-SGT1400/1200/2000 high percision sypnchronize-fly sheeter features fibre-less and clean cuts with high dimensional precisions


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