Corrugated Box Printing Slotting Machine

carton printing slotting die cutting machine , used to make 3 5 7 layer corrugated carton box , with printing slotting die cutting function.
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corrugated box printing slotting machine


carton printing die cutting machine

1.lead edge automatic corrugated cardboard feeding, instead of manual feeding , save time and labor.

2.printing unit PLC computer adjust phase.
3 slotting and die cutting function optional.
4 our machine can be used to make corrugated carton box, slotting box or die cutting box, fruit carton , pizza carton or other.

5 We have many years machine export experiece, welcome customers allover the world.

6.our machine is customized by customer, according to the customer max. carton box size.


The machine is slotting and die cutting in one unit, the unit same as the picture have both slotting and die cutting function.




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