Full Automatic High Speed 3 Color Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

Reset function of one key combine and separate , the machine every unit separate and every unit combine one key reset , when separate unit the light work ,High accuracy and improve work efficiency.
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Full Automatic High Speed 3 Color Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

Function and characteristics:

1.The electric appliances of the whole machine adopt the product of SCHNEIDER made in FRANCE(optional).

2.Straight gear drive.The gears are after highfrequencyquenching and grinding

3.All the rollers are plated with chromium to encrease their hardness.

4.Spray circulated oillubrication.









Color groupto be configured according to user’s needs
2Printing paperA,B,C,A/B,B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard (the maximum interval 11mm)
3Width of machine inside2200mm2600mm2800mm
4Max.paper size900×2000mm1200×2400mm1400 ×2600mm
5Max.printing size900×1800mm1200×2200mm1400 ×2400mm
6Skip feeding paper1100×2000mm1400×2400mm1600 ×2600mm
7positive knife
Min.paper size negative knife
300×640mm 300×720mm350×720mm 350×740mm400 ×720mm
400 ×740mm
8Printing plate thickness7.2mm7.2mm7.2mm
9Design speed(piece/min)200pcs/min180pcs/min150pcs/min
10Economic speed(piece/min)80-180pcs/min80-160pcs/min80-130pcs/min
11Tinted precision4( color) ±0.5mm4( color) ±0.5mm4( color) ±0.5mm
12Slotting precision±1.5mm±1.5mm±1.5mm
13Max.slotting depth7 ×220mm7×300mm7×350mm
increase the blade, increase the slot depth
14positive knife
Min. Slot distance negative knife
150 ×150 ×150 ×150mm 250 ×90 ×250 ×90mm170×170×170×170mm 260×90×269×90mm260×90×269×90mm 260×90×269×90mm
15Max.die-cutting size260×90×269×90mm260×90×269×90mm260×90×269×90mm
16Printing plate diameter
(contain plate thickness)

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There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system .The printing roller adopts hangs plate device,ratchet fixed volume edition axis,hang all editions of slot,foot switch control of positive and reverse. It’s convenient and fast to load and unload printing plate.The clearance of setting ink,the printing press roller,the clearance of paperboard guide roller adopts two stage turbine box to adjust.dial display quantitative value(0-10mm), it’s convenient to adjust and has self-locking function(Optional: gap adjusting PLC control)


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