High Definited Automatic 3 Colors Printng Die Cutting Machine

According to heavy width concept: in strict accordance the mechanicstandards, each of unit increase messaging system selection. The whole machine is adopted international famous brand appliances and computer software,the quality is stable and reliable .Man-machine interface, Multi-point touch screen control ,computer order management, easy to operate.Replace the order faster(can be stored 999 orders in advance)
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High definited automatic 3 colors printng die cutting machine



1.Whole wallboard and important components are adopted aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress;Adopt high precision machining centers, CNC grinding machine for grinding processing.
2.The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision computer dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.


一、 Auto feeder department:

 1The machine clutch

1)The machine clutch electric control with alarm, moving last warning bell ring.Ensure workers safety.

2)Pneumatic interlocking device, Locking is firm, convenient and accurate.


二、Printing department(3color unit)

1Printing roller                                       

1)The outer diameter 390.6mm, (including the plate of the outerdiameter is: ɸ 405mm)

2)The steel tube surface grinding , hard chrome plating. Roll horizontal direction and circumferential direction have its benchmark scribed line, convenient to Installation the printing plate



三、die cutting unit

1.The die cutter roller (down roller)

1Outer diameter is: ɸ360mm . (not including die cutting mould )

2)Centrifugal casting steel cylinder, the computer dynamic balancing correction, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, and increase the running stability.

3)Die cutter mould fixed screw holes spacing of 100 * 100 mm

4Apply to die cutting mould height 25.4 mm


1 (6)


1 (4)


1. Many years professional experience in designing and manufacturing.

2. Design and customize according to customers' requirements.

3. High levels of performance,quality and reliability of all equipment and service.

4. The most reasonable price and best quality performance

5.Promptness in both equipment deli

Inside wallboard width


Max. Paperboard size


Min. Paperboard size



Max. Printing size


Max. Skip paper feeding size


Max. Die cutting size


Standard formed thickness

Hang plate7.2mm

Tinted precision

±0. 5mm

Die cutting precision


Main motor power


Fan motor power


Production power


Total power


Weight approximately


22 tons

Overall dimensions          


Overall dimensions(include stacking unit)


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