High Precision Vaccum Adsorption Automatic Printing Die Cutting Machine

Lead edge paper feeding.This type automatic carton box making machine adopt lead edge automatic paperboard feeding,high speed and save labor, the speed can up to 180pcs/min set up carton size in computer conveniently. When you want to produce the past order, call the data from the database,every position will recovery immediately.Thats why we call " smart set up", 10 times faster than others.
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Product Details

High precision vaccum adsorption automatic printing die cutting machine


Feature and characteristic

The whole machine adopts international famous brand electrical appliances and computer software, the quality is stable and reliable. Man-machine interface, multi-point touch screen control, computer order management, easy to operate. The replacement order is faster (999 orders can be stored in advance) with ink deficiency alarm device and real-time monitoring system for ink working state. Optional: ceramic roller, scraper and ink fixing system, palletizing machine.


feeding unit

1.servo leading edge and pressure less paper feeding system is optional for you

2.main engine self-locking function: the unit didn't completely locking state, the main engine cannot be started, ensure the safety of the operator and machine; Host under normal working condition, the on-off function is automatically locked, avoid the wrong operation of the machine and personnel injury.


printing unit

Printing rolle:

1.Full Plate Hanging plate slot, suitable for 10mm×3mmplate of the article

2.oading and unloading of the print plate , pedal switch of electric control forward and reversing.


slotting unit

double-pole ,double-axis slotting unit is optional for you 


die cutting unit

rubber roller (up roller)

1)Balance correction, increase the running stability.

2)Electric digital and PLC touch screen and cutting die roll gap adjustment.


Our Ocean machine exported to more 50 countries,such as The United States,Australia, South Korea,Malaysia,Philippines,Thailand,Indonesia,Cambodia,Vietnam,




Paraguay,Bolivia,Canada,Colombia,Mexico,Albania,Czech ,Morocco, British,Kazakhstan,Haiti ,Georgia and so on,and got a good reputation

1 (6)


1 (7)


Inside wallboard width


Max. Paperboard size


Min. Paperboard size



Max. Printing size


Max. Skip paper feeding size


Max. Die cutting size


Standard formed thickness

Hang plate7.2mm

Tinted precision

±0. 5mm

Die cutting precision


Main motor power


Fan motor power


Production power


Total power


Weight approximately


22 tons

Overall dimensions          


Overall dimensions(include stacking unit)


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When changing the rubber roller and the anilox roller. It only takes half an hour to replace them, which greatly saves operation time and does not require professional technicians. Traditional needs at least one dayQuick change function of rubber roller and anilox roller,easy to operation


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