Cardboard Sheet Ink Printing Machine

Cardboard Sheet Ink Printing Machine

1. The machine uses 360-degree planetary electric phase adjustment (microcomputer digital phase meter) can directl​y enter numbers, adjust faster and more accurate.
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Carton box printing machine. The machine uses modular chain feeder, hand feeding single paperboard, easy to operate, with high efficiency, energy, security and other features.
1. The machine uses 360-degree planetary electric phase adjustment (microcomputer digital phase meter) can directly enter numbers, adjust faster and more accurate.
2. Each unit used electric to separate and combin, pneumatic locking and pneumatic brake, easy to operate.
3. Distribution ink system, inking roller with automatic idling features that make the machine pause inkwill not dry up.
4. Transmission gear, 45# steel, helical gear after grinding and induction hardening process (precision more than six) from finishing some locations adopt keyless devices, with no gaps, higher cutting accuracy.
5. Drive rollers: All the rolls for high-quality 45 # steel, quenched and tempered, ground, balance correction, hard chrome plating.
6. Lubrication system: this machine used automatic spray type lubrication, automatic spray, Uniform amount of ink, each cycle back and forth, thereby increasing the life of gear and tinted accuracy.
7. The knife uses Qingdao brand-name manufacturers, high-speed steel materials, forging grinding, induction hardening process is made.Inner tooth design (March Dental) tools sharp and durable
8. Electric: main parts imported to Schneider and domestic Chint and other well-known manufacturers, which greatly increased stability
9. The punching and the clasp hands device and the free plate quad die cutting device are optional. The machine techique parameter.

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● 12 months warranty

● 24 hours online service

● Providing free quick-wear parts

● Engineers available to service overseas if necessary

● Product certificated by CE

● Deliver in time



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