Pizza Box Carton Printing Die Cutting Machine

pizza carton box printing die cutting machine is make the corrugated cardboard carton box . and when you want to choose one new machine , this is can help you sovle all the probelm.
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pizza carton box printing slotting die cutting machine

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This is the printing slotting die cutting machine , this machine can make the carton box ,

friut carton box , pizza carton box , Vegetable carton . ceramic tile box ,refrigerator box,

washing machine box and so on .

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this machine have 4 unit , the first unit is the auto feeder unit , the second unit is printing unit ,

the third is slotting unit , the forth is die cutting machine , also can with the stacking unit .

the feeder unit is automatic feeder the corrugated cardboard , the second unit is prinitng some picture on the corrugated cardboard. the slotting and die cutting unit is make the carton shamp .

and the slotting unit main make the standard carton box , the die cutting unit is main make the speical shamp carton box .

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Functions and features:


1. The electrical appliances of the whole machine adopt international famous brands "Siemens and Schneider", the quality is stable and reliable

2. The machine shaft and roller are made of high-quality steel, grinding processing, high-precision computer dynamic balance correction, hard chromium plating on the surface

3. The transmission gears of the whole machine are all made of 40Cr, which are processed by shaving and nitriding, and the color accuracy is high.

4. The transmission part of the whole machine (shaft, tooth connection), all use keyless connection (expansion sleeve), eliminate the connection gap, suitable for long-term high-speed operation with large torque.

5. The transmission bearings and important transmission parts of the whole machine adopt the three domestic famous brands: "Havalo", which is easy to maintain and has a longer service life.

5. The lubrication system of the whole machine adopts spray type automatic lubrication, and an automatic oil balancing device is attached.

6. Working gap adjustment of the whole machine, self-locking worm gear device, fast and convenient.

7. The fan of the main engine adopts frequency conversion control to make the starting and running more stable and save electricity.

8. Round die-cutting section and rotary slotting section are optional.

9. Optional equipment: ceramic anilox roller, stacking machine.

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pizza carton box printing slotting die cutting machinehuali  (10)

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