Suggest Corrugated Carton Box Printing Press Machine Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine

lead edge paper feeding.This type automatic carton box making machine adopt lead edge automatic paperboard feeding , high speed and save labor, the speed can up to 180pcs/min set up carton size in computer conveniently. Slotting and die cutting in one unit, can make standard box and special shape carton both.
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Suggest corrugated carton box printing press machine flexo printer slotter die cutter machine



The whole machine is adopted international famous brand appliances and computer software,the quality is  stable and reliable .Man-machine interface, Multi-point touch screen control ,computer order management, easy to operate.Replace the order faster(can be stored 999 orders in advance)

There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system Optional: ceramic anilox roller, doctor blade and set ink system, stacking machine.









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Max speed (pcs/min)300250180160
Feeding precision(mm)±1
Min sheet size(mm)300*600420*600450*600450*600
Max sheet size(mm)860*21001150*25001350*27001500*2900
Skip sheet size|(mm)1200*21001500*25001800*27002000*2900
Max printing area(mm)900*20001200*24001400*26001600*2800
Printing precision(mm)±0.5
Plate thickness(mm)7.2    

                        positive knife

Min slotting distance

                        negative knife

 130*130*130*130 140*140*140*140 150*150*150*150 
 230*65*230*65 230*70*230*70  240*75*240*75
Max slot depth 230 300 360 400
 increase the blade, increase the slot depth
Slotting precision(mm)±1
Max die cutting size(mm) 2000 2400 2600 2800
Die cutting precision(mm)


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It adopts Working gap adjustment, rapid adjustment without wrench, quick performance and convenient adjustment..The main motor is adopted frequency conversion control.It makes start, running more steadily and saves more energy.


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